Hey! I'm Shannon. Thank you for visiting my website.

I am an actress, television host, author, and producer. 

I  believe my life's purpose is to create, entertain, help and heal. I hope to achieve my purpose by creating heartfelt art that uplifts and changes people's lives for the better. 

Two words that sum me up as a person is that I'm a storyteller and I'm a healer. 

As a storyteller, I want to bring your vision to life. I want to collaborate and create interesting, dimensional characters that people can relate to.

As a healer, I feel like healing comes in many ways - just not medically. You can feel healed by the work of someone's writing or watching a program that lifts you up. That is my hope and ultimate goal. 

I look forward to working with you! 

With Love and Kindness, 

Shannon xo


My Artistic Promise

To whomever I work with in my career and in whatever stage of life - this is my artistic promise to myself, to you and to the beautiful work that we will create.  

Shannon xo 

Shannon's Specialties



 "As an actor, Shannon has a high capacity to emotionally connect with her roles and complements that with a high level of discipline and professionalism. Shannon is curious and not afraid to pursue her acting training with vigor. She is eager to work, generous in spirit and brave in her choices. She's responsible and trustworthy and would be a credit to any workplace (inside or outside the industry) who is lucky enough to have her."- David Matheson, Actor/Sheridan College's Theatre & Drama Studies Coordinator  



"Shannon is a hard-working young woman who is looking for make her mark as an actress and writer. With her doubt and imagination, I have no doubt she will. She is a stand out in everything she does." 

- Bruce Hunter, Award-winning poet and author of "Two O'Clock Creek" and "In Bears House". 



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