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Simone Stock
1006-2269 Lake Shore Blvd. West
Toronto, ON M8V 3X6
Monday August 12, 2019.

To Whom It Might Concern,

I recently had the pleasure of working with Shannon MacKinnon on "If I Should Die" and can not say enough about her incredible talent and professional work ethic.

She so completely crushed the audition. Shannon came in with her casual kindness and easygoing nature, and just dropped right into a very complex character who mourns, rages, expresses curiosity and also remorse; a tall order for any audition, and not one I expected to have easily cast a strong actor in. But Shannon left me, our casting director and producer in little doubt. She had the part hands down. 

On set, she was so totally prepared to play and rolled easily with the shifting requirements of complex set days. Again, she seemed effortlessly to drop into character and make small adjustments with ease. Shannon completely vivified the character, found the light, felt the lens - in short, was a consummate pro. I confess, I was surprised she wasn't in the Union. Shannon was a very impressive actor and a lovely lady to work with.
I can't wait to work with her again.
Simone Stock




"When I first met Shannon, I was struck by her obvious talent and by her drive to become a professional actress.  She approaches acting with discipline and intensity. Her sense of humour and keen observational ability is respected among her peers. She is a leader and over the following years, I have watched Shannon grow as an artist and into a lovely young woman."

 - Julia Paton, Actor/Professor for Seneca College's Acting for Camera and Voice Program. 


"I had the honour of being interviewed by Cable 14 host and producer Shannon MacKinnon. She is both extremely personable and professional. She made me feel comfortable and best of all, she became a good friend." - Joanne Marlowe, Author of "Love in a Trash Can" 


"As an actor, Shannon has a high capacity to emotionally connect with her roles and complements that with a high level of discipline and professionalism. Shannon is curious and not afraid to pursue her acting training with vigor. She is eager to work, generous in spirit and brave in her choices. She's responsible and trustworthy and would be a credit to any workplace (inside or outside the industry) who is lucky enough to have her. - David Matheson, Actor/Sheridan College's Theatre & Drama Studies Coordinator 


"Shannon graduated in June 2012 from Seneca College's Acting Program and has accomplished what no one (to date) has been able to do in this program- maintain a 4.0 GPA!"

- Mark Ingram, Actor/Director


 "It is a pleasure to work with Shannon. I've been profiled many times on many different television shows over the years but Shannon's interview was one of my favourites.  She is very professional and she had interesting questions.  She quickly connects to others.  Her love for her profession comes out in her work.  I hope she interviews me again in the future!" 

- Brent Perniac, Celebrity Photographer 


 "I had the pleasure of working with Shannon as a scene partner on a very challenging play called 'Blackbird'. Shannons dedication to her craft was impressive and rewarding. She invested such emotion and passion into her character that it brought out the best in me and to this day is still one of my favorite acting experiences. I wouldn't hesitate and look forward to working with her again." - Robert Blake, Actor